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    • to give it a couple weeks. After two days I asked to have it tesetd to be sure it was nothing. On October 7, 2010 I was told it was tonsil cancer that had spread to a minimum of one lymph node in my throat. It was bad and it needed to be removed with possible radiation and chemo to follow. I chose to contact Mayo immediately they scheduled me to see Dr. Eric Moore the following Tuesday (12th) after his examination he confirmed the diagnosis and recommended surgery for the tonsil AND a neck dissection. I trusted his recommendation and the surgery was completed the following Monday the 18th of October. They were right it was the worst sore throat I could imagine but they said because I acted quickly AND was in good overall health, the cancer was contained and no radiation or chemo was prescribed.The entire experience was one I wouldn’t want to repeat, however the doctors, nurses, and entire staff at MAYO were first class all the way, with the patient being given the highest priority, I would recommend Dr. Eric Moore and his team highly. They kept me constantly informed, they took time to answer any and all questions, and THEY GOT ME HOME! HEALTHY!I feel absolutely blessed to have been given the care I received. I’m going back for my regular visits and feel great. I’ll be running the Jacksonville FL marathon on Feb. 13, 2011 just over three months since my surgery then running the Boston Marathon in April. Its good to know that when life throws such a curve, if you’ve prepared yourself and with good care, you can beat anything! Thank you Dr. Moore and thank you MAYO for being there .

      • they could not figure it out, then it has to be snmothieg they have never seen before, or it can be managed at a pain clinic. We would all like to have the easy fix and sometimes there is’nt one. You hope for a cure and there was’nt one. It seems that you are fortunate to have found and emergency department that decided to shut down your wife’s immune sytem with steroids and if that is working then it is obviously a problem with her own body turning on itself. There are only so many tests . It sounds like the emergency room took a shot in the dark and decided that the only thing that might work is steroids. These are drugs not without consequences over the long haul. Your wife may also be dependent on pain pills and wants them, thus knows if she gets to the emergency room, she’ll get them. Please don’t take this the wrong way. She could even be very sensitive to pain pills and have an adverse reaction as far as her nerve endings and sheaths. I am allergic to narcotic type drugs and it affects my nervous system.I know that the squeaky wheel gets the grease and we do have to raise our hands and open our mouths now and then. I wish you both well as I know you are on the ride as well as she.

      • I have an appointment in July 2012 with Dr. Capobianco. I am comnig from another state. I am very worried about the money. We have already lost everything once and I am scared of visiting the Mayo Clinic, not getting any answers and again losing what we have tried to regain. I have been suffering with headaches all of my life, but the past 5 years have been a nightmare. I have progressively got worse. I really need help and am to the point now where I think I am going to die. I have been to every reputable doctor in the metropolitan area that I live in to no avail. If they cannot help me, how do I know Dr. Capobionco can? I’m really scared and worried. Any words of encouragement or wisdom are welcome. Thanks.

    • Health insurance rfreom. I can commit to wellness and prevention but the stress of the take over of health care by the insurance industry is bringing Anericans down quickly. I’m an RN and we can have all the state of the art facilities but less and less Americans have access. And, of course, those folks have no voice.

      • My wife and I walk the MOA 4-5 times a week, and have watched you grow there. We have also been geittng our medical care at Mayo-Rochester for the last 5 years; and it’s worth every inch of the drive there from the Twin Cities!First, whatever you offer at MOA, please make absolutely sure that the culture, ethic, and standards of Rochester are maintained. I know of no medical facility in the metro area that chooses to match the Mayo Model. (Those who have not experienced it, probably are wondering what the heck I am talking about . I can assure them, from experience, it is a far better healthcare experience. Mayo just has far more resources, and attracts a different breed of healthcare professional and I mean that in a very positive way.)Second, allow your new patients in the metro to understand how Mayo is different. Allow them to know the history. Allow them to know about the accomplishments. Allow them to know about the medical school, the research, the endowments, and especially allow them to know that Mayo operates through the Mayo Foundation, to which thousands of people voluntarily donate to the ongoing mission of healthcare as it should be. So many donate because of the quality of superior care they receive. It’s that simple.And last (at least for now), just keep doing what Mayo does best: Providing the World’s Best Healthcare! And by the way, THANK YOU for helping me when others couldn’t or wouldn’t.

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      • Being an existing Mayo paietnt at Rochester Campus, as well as a Bloomington resident for most of my life (and a user of the Mayo Mile), one of the things that I believe would help those who haven’t yet had the Mayo Experience would be if they could learn more without overwhelming them. (Let’s admit it, Mayo is quite a different experience in healthcare.)To give those yet to experience it, I’d just like to mention how helpful the videos on the history of Mayo were. Those were the ones on the television system in the clinic seating areas were. The heritage and reasons why Mayo is what it is make a lot of sense when you can see where it came from. Also, even today when I go in for an appointment, I am amazed at the breadth and range of printed material there available to learn about how to stay healthy and how to understand what one’s condition is.If you could take and set up a video viewing area and repository of that printed material in the store area you already have next to the MOA rotunda, I believe that would go a long way to introducing people to Mayo and the Mayo Way. (If you are not sure how to keep it stocked, give me a call. We can figure that out.)

    • We must get this under control as a notain. I recently read a study done in 1991 projected there would be 11 million diabetics in the U.S. by 2030, and according to the ADA we have over 23 million diabetics in America. The study grossly underestimated the increase obesity. I walk every year at the JDRF walk in San Diego, although I’m not an employee of the Mayo Clinic. Please support JDRF everyone!Regards,Chris Huntley, Author of

      • I have been a patient of Mayo Clinic for many years and have ayawls been amazed at the quality of your doctors and nurses. This last week I was even more impressed with the actions of Linda Schwartz, RN. While doing her regular inspection on my ICD, she noticed, a little something which just was not right. Instead of passing this up Linda kept at it, even though it was way over her knowledge base. She spend many hours researching and seeking help from others. The doctors and Linda did find the answer to a problem. I’ve had this problem for many years and could not get any relief. I am now in the process of correcting errors made to me by others. Thanks to her keen sense of duty I will get better.So, Linda Schwartz, RN, you are my hero. Edward Sheer

      • I think this question vaeris from person to person. For example one person might think the right diet is the key to staying well, while others have the mentality of we all are gonna die someday . My personal believe is to be well its not just proper diet and exercise, but also mental health.

    • am 81 – my husband and i have been panitets in rochester – i recently had a mild stroke and have other age related problems but getting to rochester is harder now that i’m older and alone – my husband passed in 06 – so it will be wonderful to have you and your teams right here for consultation and then if there was a need a followup in rochester but just to start out here would be great.i also have a 51 year old daughter who has a major depression mental illness and as a result had become very obese from effects of medication – because her parents have been helped so much at mayo she expressed a wish to see them too but to travel to rochester and the expenses involved would not be feasible so it would be great to get started right up here.we need you here – thank you for realizing that.

      • I am sorry that your wife had a bad experience with the Mayo Clinic but as soonmee who’s life was changed for the better by the Mayo Clinic I am insulted to hear you say that they will only take the low hanging fruit . When I came to the Mayo Clinic in December of 2010 my case was not simple. I was taking 14 different medications and my case required consultations with endocrinology, neurology, opthamology, gastroenterology, psychiatry, orthopedics, and women’s health. Not everything that the doctors told me made me happy or was what I expected to hear. However, the amazing teamwork of those departments and the technology that they employed allowed them to swiftly reach a diagnosis and come up with a treatment plan that brought me back to health. Just a year and a half later I take only four medications, have a job at a fortune 100 company, and am half way through my masters degree. I am sorry that your wife does’t have a success story but please don’t insult those of us who do.

      • This won’t help at Mall of America but since you asked my sister in law wants to know what her kids’ trneslocatad chromosomes mean (judging by her baby daddy/my brother, I’d say it means you can grow up to be a healthy mensch and a great dad). I want to know if my cancer will recur and if so, when and at what stage. My Dad wants to know how being newly MRSA colonized affects his life. My OTHER brother wants to know if depression will undermine his marriage before SSRI sexual side effects will.

    • Surely not here in Canada. Good food is at a good price! There’s so many farmers that they cotmepe each other , and who benefits from that? ME! And the rest of us.You do not need to eat bio, to be healthier you know? Good fruits and veggies, are STILL good, for example. Better than not having any! That’s my opinion.To eat healthier, i made a garden.NOW the challenge is to make my teenage daughter eat healthier .That’s gonna be hard.

  2. Granada English closed a liltte over a year ago. A victim of the Nicaraguan economy and some would say management decisions. Not enough of an economy in Granada to support more than the local, Sandanista backed ESL school.

    • It’s wonderful to see laehersdip at Mayo committing to promoting diversity. I love that Dr. Noseworthy used the terms compassion and understanding, the very building blocks of diversity. Once we are able to put aside our own worldviews and needs we open up to being able to see through someone else’s eyes and empathize with their experience. As Mayo follows this philosophy it will likely lead to a great level of caring in all areas.Take care,Guy

    • Consider requiring food vndeors to provide a significant portion of the items available to patrons of the mall meet independent health and wellness standards, e.g., Institute of Medicine, USDA 2010 guidelines. This could be made possible through specific language in contracts with the food vndeors. Incentives could also be made available for vndeors who limit calories/serving sizes, use fresh fruits and vegetables, organics, local produce, etc.

    • Mayo should offer a walk in cniilc that ALSO offers does education/outreach like Regularly scheduled screenings and special days like diabetes day, osteoporosis day, mammogram day, prostate health day, etc. It would also be helpful to occasionally have a Mayo specialist on call for people who might not ever see one, ie, endocrinologist, pulmonologist, urologist, etc.

    • I believe MOA Gateway needs to offer a geinnue Mayo experience. This means primarily staffing with current Mayo staff, both medical as well as allied health. Even utilize Mayo volunteers. We’ll use current graphics and signage, but none of this will be complete without REAL Mayo employees.

    • , we may yet explore crantieg a Cause, since Mayo is a not-for-profit organization and we do receive donations to support medical education and research. I can’t get into traffic figures, but we’ve been pleased to see steady growth in the number of fans, with more than 1,000 new Facebook fans since we started the Sharing Mayo Clinic blog last month.

    • Tamberley Goodfellow Posted on I would like more information on your First Responder cosure. I would like to register for the cosure beginning the 11th of May, 2012. I just can’t seem to find a phone number anywhere on the site or an actual linkt to sign up as it say’s the registration has been closed. If someone could please contact me so i can have more information.Thank youSincerely,Tamberley Goodfellow

      • I wish I could say all wonderful thnigs about Mayo, but my experience was far from wonderful. I was diagnosed with a large unterine fibroid in 2010. By the next year I had become so sick I could hardly get off the couch. I went to Jacksonville Mayo and Dr. Chen was professional, not overly nice, but her nurse was and helped me by explaining a painful procedure I was having done. Dr. Chen recommended Focused UltraSound or Hysterectomy. I chose the least invasive ultrasound, but it was only done in Minnesota. My insurance BSBC agreed to pay for it since I had met my deductable, they just needed prior approval from Mayo. I informed Mayo of this via email and a 3-way call between Mayo, BCBS and myself. I was assured everything would be taken care of.My husband and I made the 2 day trip from Florida to Minnesota November 2011. When we got there I asked again if all had been taken care of regarding the insurance. Patty reassured me it had. The procedure was uncomfortable and stressful the nurses were nice and I was on my way after 10 hours. I wish I had been sent home with pain medication, because it was severe at times. I was told I would be great in 48 hours. I wasn’t. The drive home was unbearable at times.Now 6 months later I still have the fibroid and looking into getting a dreaded hysterectomy. I’m also getting billed in full by Mayo because they never got the prior athorization. This somehow slipped through the cracks. So not only did I waste a lot of money, time and pain on a procedure that didn’t work, but now I’m also responsible for the bill because Mayo didn’t do what they promised. The staff is very nice, but not so nice that I would put up with this negative experience.

      • Health insurance rfreom. I can commit to wellness and prevention but the stress of the take over of health care by the insurance industry is bringing Anericans down quickly. I’m an RN and we can have all the state of the art facilities but less and less Americans have access. And, of course, those folks have no voice.

    • he did not even believe in that. They have info. on Piriformis Syndrome on the Mayo web site and one of their dotocrs is telling me it is not legitimate condition? I pushed for a neurological consult and he said he would see if they had an opening. I was sent to J E. Ahlskog, M.D., Ph.D.. This doctor was very nice, and very old. He spent more time examining me and asking me questions but he specializes in Parkinson’s disease. He reviewed my MRI with me and seemed to at least care. When I said most of my pain was in my pelvis and right leg he said he could not read a pelvic MRI so he could not tell me about that. I though neurologists understood the nervous system? If I had a pinched nerve would a neurologist not be the one to know how to find it? He did suggest a different drug for me, which I will try but no one really wanted to find out what was wrong and fix me. If they had really thoroughly examined me and really looked at me and could not find anything I would have been ok with that. But no one really cared enough to keep trying or suggest another doctor. So much for the great brain trust that Mayo was supposed to be. One site on the web suggested an Electromyography (EMG) (FAIR-test) and a neural scan are the best ways to look for Piriformis Syndrome. Dr. Beckley said it was an expensive test and like I said before he did not believe in that disorder anyway. I wish I could transfer all my pain to him and then tell him to go home and live with it. Would I really drive across three states, take time off work for me and my husband, and spent my limited hard earned dollars if I was not desperate for help and answers???!!! I am also having problems with my right arm although I am not sure it is related. It is debilitating mentally, emotionally, and physically. Why become a doctor if you really don’t care about your patients? And really how can Mayo be the gold standard? My local doctor spent more time looking at me. Needless to say I left the clinic totally defeated and in tears. My husband hugged me and told me we would not give up. Save your money DO NOT go to Mayo Clinic.

    • I have been in pain for a long time (years) and have been teestd and teestd. Blood work, MRI’s, x-rays, minor surgeries and the list goes on many trips to my doctor and I am seeing a Neurologist in a week, Rheumatologist next month and on a wait list to get into The Women’s College where they help to diagnose the hard to find illnesses. My list of symptoms is over two pages long and it is something that I live with everyday from the minute I wake up to the minute I fall asleep at night. I live in limbo and have lived this way for some time. I am also a mother of a 14 year old with ADHD and Tourette’s Syndrome, I have a 24 month old and a 12 month old. Whatever this is really affects my quality of life and prevents me from getting out with my kids and being the mother that I want to be.

    • Interesting. How do you manage neagtive comments from patients within community conversations on your own site about your own care or providers? Do you moderate these community conversations or do you allow those conversations to flow free whether good or bad for you? If you moderate, is that right thing to do to get in between those conversations among patients? What is your take on this issue?

    • she would get back to me.So here I am 11 days later and no response from her.I rlleay didn’t expect much from her but a pat on my butt anyway. In my opinion Mayo has a system problem that is not the fault of the doctors we visited. They did their best.Our vision of Mayo was once accepted into the Gold Standard of medicine for the entire world that we would not be let go until Mayo had exhausted every avenue to research my wife’s condition. After 5 YEARS OF THIS CONDITION WORSENING WE WERE VERY HOPEFUL WHEN MAYO ALLOWED US TO COME TO ROCHESTERInstead we experienced what I would expect in small town USA. 1. Assigned to one Internal Medicine doctor.2. Referred to a couple of other doctors who had no answers but knew someone that might know and after a third Doctor could not reach a conclusion we were sent back to Internal Medicine to be dismissed.Why would Mayo allow us to leave without our case being escalated to a higher level? Perhaps to specialists who are not bogged down like the Doctors we visited who have a heavy schedule of appointments and live in a Medical World of Billable Procedures only and no time for research. They either have an answer or they don’t. Why would the top Medical Institution in the World run us through a small Loop of Doctors and call it quits? Where’s the pride? Where’s the medical professional that says There must be someone that has seen this problem before What more can we do Who can we network with to broadcast this special case How can we make the patient feel we care and are doing all that is possible to reasearch this and are not going to give up How could we be let out of there without even a refferal to another institution that might be of help?This has to be done on a systems or Policy levelThus I explain my previous comment that, in my opinion, Mayo is picking the low hanging Billable procedures but, .. present them with a difficult pain complaint which is localized to one area of the body and once they run out of Billable ideas it’s out the door for you.Now I even more disappointed when the patient affairs Dept drops the ball on our case.Less than a week after leaving Mayo my wife had to go to a local emergency room suffering from dibilitating pain and spasams. She was given a injection of Muscle relaxer and Predisone. Plus a three week regimen of heavy doses of Predisone which has been helpful in reducing her pain to a more tolorable level. This emergency room gave my wife more releif than Mayo Rochester did in over 3 weeks.I still hold out hope that your institution will continue to explore an answer to reach a diagnosis and cure of my wife’s condition

    • The difficulty with trainetg cancers and that seems to be the right choice of words is cancers that with so many different types there is not a one size fits all treatment. The expanse of treatments that are available do cannot be put into the one size fits all bin.Take breast cancer as an example. In addition to chemotherapy drugs, there are a variety of targeted drugs for breast cancer treatment.A physician might prescribe hormonal therapies, such as SERMs (selective estrogen receptor modulators) or aromatase inhibitors to prevent estrogen from reaching the tumor. This helps to slow the growth and reproduction of breast cancer cells.Then there is tamoxifen, the most common hormone therapy drug used today for both early and advanced stage breast cancer treatment.In addition to hormone breast cancer therapies, biological response modifiers, like Herceptin (Trastuzumab), are drugs that bind with specific proteins on breast cancer cellsYou can see when it comes to breast cancer what works on one type does no work on others. There is no one size fits all, and adding the genetic component make it even more difficult. I do believe that supplements that are natural such as resveratrol, which is a rich antioxidant compound that can be found mainly in the skins of red grapes (especially Vitis vinifera, labrusca, and muscadine grapes, which are used to produce red wines) blueberries, mulberries, and peanuts may offer a glimpse into treatment options of the future.However, taking the human element into the picture, people in general have to be more proactive when it comes to their own health, and that is the bottom line.Hunter

    • I like boot camp class, walking and swmiimng. I walk at least 20 minutes daily-sometimes much longer. Boot camp is the evolution of exercise and probably burns more calories than anything (I have no evidence to support that statement). Swimming makes me more hungry than anything else I do. Im not doing laps but chasing my 4 and 2 year olds around with their perfect little, ripped, South Coast beach bodies. Muscles are activated that have been forgotten about while moving about in water.Surely, most of us are blessed enough to be a able to do 20 minutes of walking per day. Walk with awareness of your body. Leave the iPod at home.John the pharmacist and future bootcamp instructor

    • Affordable Health Insurance with Adequate Coverage should be a priroity health care need addressed today.After some years of personal experience and observation, medical providers who will take time, offer thorough explanations and then choices for treatment, is very important. Being open minded to the thought that the first diagnostic consideration may not be what is wrong with you, so be willing to look further. I think Mayo Clinic follows this as their mission statement and their vision of what is best for the patient very well.

    • Having Mayo Clinic in Minnesota is a great asset, in theory. Unfortunately those of us who live oistude Olmstead County can’t get in to see the specialists we need. Giving Twin Citians access to high-demand specialties would be the best thing that would come out of your portal at MOA. This wouldn’t necessarily require your physicians to travel, though that would be nice, but a screening process done by NP’s or PA’s for appointments in Rochester would be cost effective and convenient.I would also like to see more health fairs. I know you have already begun these, but offering more of them for various populations would be nice.Please also consider providing information centers that focus on diseases/conditions that affect a large percentage of people: Diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc. Much like your cancer center in Rochester, but beyond cancer. Wellness should be included of course.And since Phase II of MOA hasn’t even broken ground, I would love it if you didn’t wait, but instead moved in sooner.

    • Be able to just drop in and ask for information on a spceific health concern. Pick up information on preventions and screenings. Participate in screenings. Offer small free screenings as they do at health fairs, often put on by employees, school districts, hospitals, etc. Opportunity for people to donate blood. Increase the donations and potential of the bio bank. Promote ways to improve the major health concerns today; weight, diabetes, cardiac. Education in unique ways like the The Body and interactive body/system models. Offer immunizations, flu shots.

    • I will be at Mayo Clinic starting on Monday. I will pbobarly be there for about 10 days to get all of the testing I need done for a 3 mo checkup after having my pancreas removed and having Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia. While there I will be getting medical information to post on our web site and speaking to severely physicians who have treated me for this very difficult disease. I love Mayo Clinic because everyone is so very caring and try to help you in any way that they can. The physicians are not hurried and will take the time to answer questions and concerns you may have. I feel like I am visiting a family who has my best quality of life as a goal. I was told by the endocrinologist in my home area that I would never be able to have good contron with my type of diabetes, but I have found going to the specialist at Mayo clinic that indeed my diabetes is in better control. Mayo Clinic has enabled me to live a relitively normal life and I am so greatful for their care and understanding.

    • After visiting an emnergecy room at a major Southern California hospital, with my 94 year old mother who was experiencing symptoms of a blood clot in her leg, and waiting about 7 hours, I became aware of the truly serious crisis in the health care delivery system in this nation. Had I known that this long wait was customary I would have searched for an urgent care facility first. Americans have become confused about where to go for care when their doctor is not available. It’s a problem of the insured bumping up against the uninsured who flock to emnergecy rooms for their medical needs. Obviously our nation’s leaders need to stop bickering and settle on comprehensive health care reform. Confusion anid uncertainty does not breed confidence.

      • am 81 – my husband and i have been paientts in rochester – i recently had a mild stroke and have other age related problems but getting to rochester is harder now that i’m older and alone – my husband passed in 06 – so it will be wonderful to have you and your teams right here for consultation and then if there was a need a followup in rochester but just to start out here would be great.i also have a 51 year old daughter who has a major depression mental illness and as a result had become very obese from effects of medication – because her parents have been helped so much at mayo she expressed a wish to see them too but to travel to rochester and the expenses involved would not be feasible so it would be great to get started right up here.we need you here – thank you for realizing that.

    • This won’t help at Mall of America but since you asked my sister in law wants to know what her kids’ troaelncatsd chromosomes mean (judging by her baby daddy/my brother, I’d say it means you can grow up to be a healthy mensch and a great dad). I want to know if my cancer will recur and if so, when and at what stage. My Dad wants to know how being newly MRSA colonized affects his life. My OTHER brother wants to know if depression will undermine his marriage before SSRI sexual side effects will.

      • I cannot put into words what a WONDERFUL ecperienxe my husband, Noel, and I had at Mayo Clinic, Rochester. Noel was diagnosed with Bickerstaff Brainstem Encephalitis (BBE) and has been left a quadraplegic. This has been extreemly tramatic to our family including a daughter 19 and a son 16. NO ONE at Mayo Clinic has seen it before. We went there for a second opinion. Dr. K. Stolp has been his Physical Medicine and Rehab doctor. She and her team have been terrific- so compassionate, thourough, wholistic, knowledgeable. She spent over 2 hours our first time with her!! She is truly fantastic and I can’t say enough good things about the Mayo clinic ecperienxe. Even the sleep dr. Noel saw helped with Noel’s transfer to a bed so we could address his care needs! Everyone should get their medical care there!! The BEST medical care and team of professionals I have ever seen and ecperienxed!

    • Have struggled for 6 years with Mal de Barquement dideosrr. Now am having problems with GERD/hiatal hernia, stinging, burning feet. I have had MRS’s, deen neurologists, and am now being sent to a rheumatologist. Also been to podiatrist .total of about 10 doctors. I feel that no one person is getting the total person and just take a piece of me. I would like to have someone diagnose just me. I guess I am looking for a House type experience when someone finally resolves what the problem is.

      • Gallbladder removal lcosroaappallyI am having a burning and stabbing sensation in the abdomen along with sharp shooting pain in my right shoulder blade. I have unexplained brain lesions that need to be looked at every year through an MRI. Recently I went for the routine MRI while the MRI machine was doing its thing my stomach was burning worse than ever, I felt like being fried from the inside out. Xrays were taken of the abdomen and it seems like staples were left in there. Are staples a normal thing to leave inside the abdomen after gallbladder removal laparoscopolly? WOuld this cause me harm in the future? Is this a normal reaction. THe gallbladder surgery was performed 10 years ago. I can not get an answer anywhere. Please help with any information.

  3. he could not see anything and taerted me like it was all in my head. The second time exactly a year later I went hoping they could find it and I received a diagnoses of fibromyalgia, and felt better mentally at least think everything was figured out. Just 3 months later I was on my death bed with severe flu symptoms and pain, I thought I was going to die. Went to my regular family physician who suspected an autoimmune disease and sent me to a rheumatologist and was ultimately diagnosed with Sero-Negative Rheumatoid Arthritis just 45 minutes after my x rays were taken. He was smart enough to actually x-ray my joints instead of just looking on the outside and saying oh I don’t see anything wrong. You would think after all of the training and it being (Mayo Clinic) they would dig a litttle deeper to try to find the problem. I know there are great doctors at Mayo, but a couple of the Rheumatologists I had were not at all worth driving all the way from Amarillo Texas to Scottsdale Arizona, but I did because I was desperate for answers. My bloodwork showed nothing, but it was all over my x rays. I have it in every joint in my body including my jaw, I have my hometown Rheumatolotist to thank for that, I should have went to him in the first place but was told by other doctors that I would be better off going to a place like Mayo. I stayed in Arizona a full week to see other doctors including a phsycologist so they could see if I had some kind of mental disorder. That is what made me so angry. Only we know our body and when someone that high ranking like one of the doctors at Mayo tells you it may be depression or some other B.S. don’t listen to them. In fact go to one of your home town doctors, I guarantee there are some great ones out there. I promise you that!!!

  4. I suffered from hahedcaes on a daily basis from October ’09 Feb.’10 that were deliberating. I had many days that I couldn’t get out of bed due to the pain. I went from from doctor to looking for help. I went to at least 4 doctors and had many tests ran & still had no answers. One of the doctors finally referred me to the Dr. David Capobianco. He ordered blood tests, MRA & MRV on the 1st visit. I had to wait on my insurance to approve the MRA & MRV. Dr. Caponbianco called me about 20 minutes after the test with a diagnosis. My husband and me were so impressed with the quick turn around time. I had low spinal fluid pressure. He recommended me getting a blood patch. Dr. Caponbianco put the request in to get me an appointment for the blood patch, but the clinic didn’t have an opening until 3/2. I called the Pain Clinic and requested to be put on the cancellation list, but hadn’t heard from anyone. Dr. Caponbianco called me to see how I was doing. I had a very bad weekend. I wasn’t able to eat nor get out of the bed. He called the pain clinic and was able to get me in the following Monday for the blood patch. The blood patch worked and I have been feeling great. Dr. Caponbianco called me two times after the patch to see how I was doing. We have been so impressed with him. He is so personable. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a Neurologist. As a matter of fact, I have already recommended him to a lady that works with my husband.

  5. My 17 year old son was recently seen by a piraitdost and diagnosed with a fracture on the left side of his left foot. Also seen in the MRI was a dime size hole in his heel bone. He feels no pain from this. It was suggested that this could be surgically repaired. We would like to get other opinions on this, as well as more information on what might have caused something like this. I know with this limited information it is hard to render an opinion. Is this a common occorence? Would it be best to see a piraitdost or an orthopedic doctor? Thank you for any information you can share.Sincerely, Vicki Nelson

  6. Still can not find the cure for cancer but there are mecdiations that help relieve chronic pain caused by this disease as vicodin, although side effects, of course, if not taken as it should be or as your doctor tells you and logically with a therapy where one assimilates the problems of anxiety about the disease.

    • After visiting an ecgmeenry room at a major Southern California hospital, with my 94 year old mother who was experiencing symptoms of a blood clot in her leg, and waiting about 7 hours, I became aware of the truly serious crisis in the health care delivery system in this nation. Had I known that this long wait was customary I would have searched for an urgent care facility first. Americans have become confused about where to go for care when their doctor is not available. It’s a problem of the insured bumping up against the uninsured who flock to ecgmeenry rooms for their medical needs. Obviously our nation’s leaders need to stop bickering and settle on comprehensive health care reform. Confusion anid uncertainty does not breed confidence.

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